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Retail of Kilafors trailers

We have operated as an official retailer of Kilafors trailers since 2014. Our product range includes Kilafors Karlavagnen (MST) timber and energy trailers and cassette trailers designed in cooperation with Kilafors Industri AB. We manufacture and assembly timber, energy and gravel superstructures on the trailers according to your demands. We also carry out import and commissioning inspections in our own inspection station in cooperation with Kuurnan Autokatsastus Oy.

Kilafors Karlavagnen technical information

  • Net weight: From about 5,800 kg
  • Length: 9,000 to 12,000 mm
  • Tires: 265 to 285/70 × 19,5 ”or 275/70 × 22,5”
  • Suspension: Air or parabolic suspension
  • Axles: BPW or ROR
  • Hydraulics: The length of the cylinder is selected according to the trailer
  • Paint finishing: 2-component incl. clear lacquer
  • Lighting: According to customer's request
  • Bunks: According to the customer's request

Kilafors Karlavagnen chassis

Kilafors is a top-quality trailer designed for Nordic conditions by the Swedish company Kilafors Industri AB. Kilafors is suitable for demanding forest and road transport. The frame rolled from the I-beams of Kilafors trailer, offers a very durable structure, low unladen weight and a long service life. The frame is made of rolled SSAB steel and is available in two models: model 330 with a total weight of 38 tonnes and a more robust frame, and model 360 with a total weight of 45 tonnes. The frame is solid and very stable, so it can withstand strong swaying and heavy loads.

Kilafors timber trailer delivery

Delivered 5 axle Kilafors Karlavagnen timber trailer. Total length 13415 mm; load body length 10800 mm; weight 8650 kg; total weight 42000 kg; axle weights 9000 kg; 9000 kg; 9000 kg; 9000 kg; 9000 kg; wheelbases 1340 mm, 4800 mm, 1340 mm, 1340 mm; tires 275/70R22.5; disc brakes; air suspension; liftable axles 2,4 and 5; timber bunk transfer; BEAR XO 10 timber bunks with integrated load tighteners.


Kilafors timber trailer delivery

Delivered 5 axle Kilafors Karlavagnen timber trailer. Total length 13800 mm; weight 8250 kg; total weight 42000 kg; axle weights 9000 kg; 9000 kg; 8000 kg; 8000 kg; 8000 kg; wheelbases 1340 mm, 5200 mm, 1340 mm, 1340 mm; BPW axles; tires 265/70R19.5; disc brakes; iron suspension; RIIKO® pneumatic load tighteners; Terminator XXL Aero timber bunks.

Kilafors energy trailer delivery

Kilafors 4 axle chassis with RIIKO® Energy Superstructures. The capacity of the energy box approx. 64–100 m³. Rear box moves with crane-operated hydraulic cylinder. Box dimensions: 8100-12700 mm x 3200 mm x 2600 mm. Material Hardox 450, floor 5 mm and walls 3 mm. Drain hatch on the left side, sliding underrun protection at the back. Trailer frame length 10800 mm, wheelbase 4400 mm, VBG drawbar, tires 265/70R19.5, ROR disc brake axles, ROR Bevoguard tire pressure monitoring, liftable axles 4th and 5th, Alcoa aluminium rims, Wabco EBS brakes, P-light Midi and VBG 17 light plug.


Kilafors cassette trailer delivery

Kilafors 4 axle automatic cassette trailer with RIIKO® Gravel Superstructures. Material Hardox 450 steel. Capacity of the gravel box 20 m3. Total lenght 12990 mm; weight 9950 kg; total weight 39000 kg; axle weights 9000 kg, 9000 kg, 10500 kg, 10500 kg; wheelbase 1340 mm, 5520 mm, 1820 mm; tyres 295/80R22.5; BPW axles; EBS disc brakes; air suspension.


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