RIIKO® Energy Truck Superstructures

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We implement RIIKO® Superstructures for trucks and trailers brand-free and in accordance with the special requirements of all axle and suspension options. Our crane bracket is also implemented in all crane models on the market. Crane installations are dimensioned according to the selected chassis type and the loads driven on it, without forgetting the effects of the crane's center of gravity on the truck's driving characteristics in different situations. Optional equipment components in energy superstructures include energy boxes, crane bracket, hydraulics, oil tanks, sanding gear, mudguards, toolboxes, light brackets, snow chain brackets and coupling equipment.

RIIKO® energy box

RIIKO® Energy Superstructures made of modern special steel guarantee maximum payload for your transport equipment. Thanks to Strenx 650 structural steel, the RIIKO® Superstructure is both light and durable. High-strength steel enables a lighter energy box structure, which means that the load volume is the best possible. The modular design, easy maintenance and compatible, easily expandable equipment packages make RIIKO® Superstructures a guaranteed choice.


The entire production chain of our superstructures, from design to assembly, takes place in the same yard, which means that your order is completed quickly, on schedule. We make all RIIKO® products starting from press brake bending ending to surface finishing. The completed truck is also subject to a commissioning inspection in our own inspection hall. Our competent staff ensures that the superstructure is professionally implemented down to the last detail and that the superstructure leaving our workshop certainly meets your requirements.

RIIKO® energy box and Kilafors chassis

We implement energy trailers for Kilafors Karlavagnen chassis. We have been the official importer of Kilafors trailers since 2014. The frame rolled from the I-beams of Kilafors trailers offers a very durable structure, low unladen weight and a long service life.

RIIKO® Adjustable Energy Box

RIIKO® Adjustable Energy Box for forest energy transport. Adjustable energy boards can be mounted inside timber bunks. Timber truck turns easily into energy truck and back for timber timber transport. Compatible with for example Terminator, ForestKing and Alucar timber bunks. Sideboards have guides which eases the mounting and work as side locks. Available painted and zinc coated.


Side height 2880-3050 mm and load capacity 44-50 m3 depending on the height of the timber bunks. Assembly height every 25mm. Width of the base 2320 mm.

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