Hook and cable lifts


Assembly of hook and cable lifts

We implement superstructures for demountable device trucks. We install the hook and cable lifts of your choice from brands such as JOAB, Pajakulma, Multilift and HYVA. We install accessories you need, from coupling equipment to light installations. We also do all the necessary hydraulic and electrical installations. Take a look at our previous deliveries in the gallery and ask more about our sales of demountable equipment!

PK cable lifts

  • 16, 20 and 25 ton capacity
  • two-speed control system
  • an automatic pull limiter
  • free fall
  • cable traction balancing
  • mechanical traction unit
  • ergonomic control

HYVA hooklifts

  • 12-30 ton capacity
  • slide or tilt
  • changeable hook
  • bolted container supports and rolls
  • fast unloading
  • hydraulic combi-lock
  • pneumatic or eletric control

JOAB hooklifts

  • 17, 20 and 24 ton capacity
  • combined load retaining and quick lowering valve
  • mechanical centre pivot
  • electrically operated hydraulic lowering brake
  • patented tipping torque amplifier
  • external hydraulic body lock
  • pneumatic or electric control

MULTILIFT hooklifts

  • 14-30 ton capacity
  • slide or tilt
  • camera operated control system
  • automatic positioning detection system
  • integrated load weighing
  • touch screen
  • automatic load-based speed

Assembly work

Take a look at our delivered demountable devices in gallery and ask more from our sales!

  • tienhoitoauto-riiko

    MAN TGS 26.440 & MULTILIFT

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  • scania-g560-joab-l24a-konekorjaamo-riikonen1

    SCANIA G560 & JOAB L24A

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  • pajakulma-vaijerilaite-konekorjaamo-riikonen

    SCANIA R730 & PK25-EHS

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  • joab-l24-koukkulaite-konekorjaamo-riikonen19

    SCANIA R520 & JOAB L24

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  • pk25-ehs-vaijerilaite-konekorjaamo-riikonen5

    SISU POLAR 625 & PK25-EHS

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  • multilift-koukkulaite-konekorjaamo-riikonen1


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  • pk25-vaijerilaite-asennus-konekorjaamo-riikonen1

    SCANIA R580 & PK25

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  • hyva-koukkulaite-scania-r580-konekorjaamo-riikonen

    SCANIA R580 & HYVA

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