L5 Machine Control Systems

We have started to operate as a representative of L5 Navigation machine control systems. Founded in 2013, L5 Navigation Systems AB is a developer of navigation solutions in the field of measurement, construction and mining industries. The U3D-X is a user-friendly control system with a modern look and intelligent interface. The L5 U3D-X system is available for excavators and backhoe loaders. In addition, the range includes the L5 U3D-L system for wheel loaders. Watch more

L5 U3D-X Machine Control

The L5 machine control is developed to facilitate the daily work of the machine operator. All functions are near while driving and the view is driver-friendly. Advanced submenus and settings are hidden to keep the driver overview as clear as possible. The Unicontrol Cloud cloud service provides a quick overview of all machines, their location and what project they are connected to. All measurements made on the machine are synchronized directly to the service and the reference models are sent to the machines. Machines leased to other subscribers are easily lent to their accounts - no dual license is required. For all questions, remote support is no fyrther than push of a button.


Installation of the L5-Navigation U3D-X machine control system in Eastern Finland. Clear view, easy-to-use system and delay-free measurement. Ask more Sales Director Jari Riikonen jari.riikonen@riiko.fi


Modern user interface

  • Thanks to the clear and modern layout, the operation of the system is quick to learn.
  • Two file formats (xml and dxf) provide easy model handling for both machine users and surveyors.
  • Available in 8″ and 10″ display.
  • GPS, GLONASS, GALILEO and BEIDOU licenses as standard.
  • Very fast and stable sensors. No delay in measured values.
  • With Unicontrol Cloud, the machine owner and contractor can easily manage their machines. The service sends ready-made files between work sites and offices.
  • Remote support no further than a push of a button.
  • No license fees.


  • Tablet
    A solid Samsung professional tablet with 3D software developed by Unicontrol in Denmark and running on Android. Screen size between 8″ and 10″.
  • GNSS receiver
    L5 AKKI2 dual GNSS receiver, always supplied with a license that takes into account all satellite systems.
  • Sensor
    The latest generation of IMU sensors.
  • Support agreement
    The system comes with a one-year support agreement. It includes Unicontrol Cloud, remote and telephone support, Internet access through Telia, and access to future software releases.
  • Warranty
    2 year warranty on all components.

L5 U3D-L Machine Control

Also available the L5 U3D-L machine control for wheel loaders. The system meets all the requirements of a modern 3D wheel loader system and is adapted to the needs and working methods of Nordic customers. The L5 U3D-L is the second system in L5 Navigation's range of machine control solutions and shares software, cloud services and components with the L5 U3D-X 3D excavator system.

L5 Navigation user experience

Customer experience of the usage of the L5 U3D-X machine control system in the article of Konepörssi-magazine


Download more presice system description here


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Jari Riikonen

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