Assembly work


Assembly of hook and cable lifts

We offer comprehensive heavy equipment installation services in Joensuu. We carry out brand-free lifting equipment installations and maintenance of heavy equipment for all trucks and work machines. We install hook lifts and cable lifts of your choice from brands such as JOAB, Pajakulma, Multilift and HYVA. We also assembly accessories you need, from coupling equipment to light installations. We also install and maintain e.g. tail lifts and reachers.

Assembly of cranes and scales

We also install timber and bulk cranes brand freely. Crane installation includes modification of the crane bracket, hydraulic adjustment, and the installation of grapples, scales and work lights according to the customer's wishes. We have been operating as Kesla's authorized installation and maintenance service since 1993. We also operate as an official dealer of Kesla timber cranes and grapples and Tamtron Timber crane scales. 


Assembly of road maintenance equipment

We install road maintenance equipment brand-freely on all trucks and work machines. For example, we do the installation of plow bumpers, hydraulics and electricity. We resell Meiren road maintenance equipment, such as plows, underbody scrapers, rear blades and rotary brooms for trucks and construction machines. Meiren products are available in different size categories with versatile equipment options. A new hydraulics control system with a joystick and a wireless touch screen is also available for trucks.

Assembly of machine control systems

We install 3D machine control systems to excavators and wheel loaders. We operate as retailer for L5 Navigation machine control systems. From us also GNSS reference station services and surveying solutions for positioning.


Assembly of superstructures

We manufacture and install RIIKO® superstructures for trucks and trailers. We install timber, energy and gravel superstructures as well as demountable superstructures for hook and cable lifts. We do all the necessary hydraulic and electrical installations, as well as, for example, the installation of scales, control systems and air conditioners.

Crane Inspections

Maintenance and repairs as well as periodical and 10-year inspections can also be done for loading cranes easily from the same place. The crane inspection is a legal procedure that must be carried out for loading cranes annually. The inspection ensures the operational safety and functionality of the crane and gives the crane a longer service life. Also available is a wide selection of spare parts for cranes and lifting equipment, as well as accessories directly from the warehouse or with fast delivery.


Qualification of crane inspector

We have a lifting crane inspector qualification certificate accepted by Inspecta Sertifiointi Oy. During the annual inspection, we go through the structures and the condition of the device. In addition, the crane's control and additional devices are checked and the operation of the warning and alarm devices is verified. The crane must be thoroughly inspected every ten years. During the 10-year inspection, the crane is disassembled and the parts of the load-bearing structures are checked for distortion.


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Keijo Riikonen


Gravel superstructures and trailers, work acceptance, workshop and inspection services, tires, plows

Jari Riikonen

Sales Director

Timber and energy superstructures, trailers, cranes, scales, rotators, machine control, used machinery

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