Heavy Machinery Spare Parts

Heavy machinery spare part service in Joensuu. When you order through us, you make sure that the spare parts are suitable. We provide spare parts for heavy equipment such as trucks, trailers, work machines and cranes directly from the shelf or with fast delivery. Additionally, our range includes a wide range of heavy-duty tires, rims and snow chains. As an authorised service center, you also get IVECO spare parts from us. We are part of an international MECA Truck workshop chain.

road blades

batteries and accessories

chassis parts

engine parts

coupling devices

steering parts

transmission parts

axle parts

lights and blinkers

snow/ice chains

brake parts

cooling system parts

fuel system parts

electrical components

suspension parts

frame parts

crane scales

oils and chemicals

KESLA spare parts

CTI-system parts

crane parts

trailer parts

exhaust pipe systems

superstructure parts

IVECO spare parts


MEIREN spare parts


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Timo Nevalainen

Warehouse manager

Spare part sales, warehouse reception

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