RIIKO® Timber Superstructures

RIIKO® Superstructure is a Key Flag product

The Association for Finnish Work has awarded the Key flag symbol to RIIKO® Timber Superstructures in recognition of a product made in Finland. Key Flag -product is manufactured in Finland and it´s domestic rate is over 50%. RIIKO® Timber Superstructures have been designed, manufactured and assembled in the city of Joensuu, Finland, for almost 30 years. We thank our customers for the trust towards our products. Thank you for supporting responsible Finnish manufacturing!


Reliable delivery and guaranteed quality

The entire production chain of our superstructures, from design to assembly, takes place in the same yard, which means that your order is completed on schedule. All RIIKO® products are made by us, beginning from the press brake bending and ending to the surface finishing. We also handle inspections in the inspection station next to our workshop. Our competent staff ensures that the superstructure is professionally executed down to the last detail and that the equipment leaving our workshop certainly meets your requirements.

RIIKO® optimizes load capacity

RIIKO® timber superstructures made of modern special steel guarantee maximum payload for your timber truck. Thanks to the Strenx 650 structural steel, the RIIKO® timber superstructure is both light and durable. The modular structure makes the RIIKO® superstructure a safe choice. The components of the superstructures are put together with bolted joints, which guarantees easy maintenance and modification of the truck. In addition to production, we offer comprehensive maintenance and spare parts services so that your equipment can be maintained carefree in the future as well.


You choose - we implement

RIIKO® timber superstructures are made brand-free for all trucks according to the special requirements of all axle and suspension options. Our crane brackets are also implemented for all crane models. Crane assembly is dimensioned according to the selected chassis type and the loads to be driven on it, without forgetting the effects of the crane's center of gravity on the truck's driving characteristics in different situations. For the RIIKO® subframe package, you can choose the components and dimensions according to your needs, so that the finished whole is exactly what you need. We produce lots fo unique solutions from special crane brackets to small accessories according to our customers wishes.

RIIKO® pneumatic tightener for timber trucks

The load tightening regulations for timber trucks are changed according to post-tensioning. In the future, the bindings of the bundles of wood should be equipped with a device that produces a constant tightening force. The RIIKO® pneumatic tightener meets the changed requirements. The tightener produces a continuous tightening force of 5.4 kN and is available with chain or cable. The binding remains as tight as required, even if the load changes its shape slightly during driving. The RIIKO® load tightener is mounted on the inside of the subframe of the truck or trailer with a bolt attachment. The installation can be carried out by a driver himself, operation requires only pneumatic supply. From us you can get a ready-to-install load tightener package easily delivered. Ask more from sales!


All from one place

From us, you can get all heavy equipment products for timber trucking easily in one place. In addition to our own production, we operate as an official dealer for Kesla timber cranes, Tamtron crane scales and Kilafors Karlavagnen trailers. The brands we represent also include Black Bruin loader rotators. In addition, you can also get tires and rims for heavy machinery and spare parts from a comprehensive selection. You get everything you need as a total delivery, from order to inspection.

RIIKO® equipment options


You can choose from the various components the options and dimensions that best suit your needs. In timber superstructures, the equipment options mainly consist of our own RIIKO® products, the main material of which is high-strength steel. All steel parts to be painted on the superstructure are treated with steel ball blasting, painted with zinc primer and surface-treated with two-component paints according to RAL colors. In addition, equipment options include a wide range of reliable and tested components from our subcontractors, such as hydraulics, sanding equipment, coupling equipment, lights and timber bunks.



As material 6mm high-strength steel. The subframe profiles are assembled using steel cross-members and bolted joints only. The non-welded structure guarantees a long service life for the subframe.

Sockets of internal crane bracket


The cross-reinforced structure of the detachable crane bracket sockets increases torsional rigidity, improving operating comfort when driving and using a crane. The crane is easy to remove and reattach, allowing the crane to be removed during transport to maximize payload.

Internal crane bracket


The internal detachable crane bracket is made to order according to the brand and model of the crane. The crane bracket is equipped with a long-stroke hydraulic cylinder with an operating distance of 1850mm. The crane can be moved to the rear up to 1000mm, making it easier to load the truck and trailer.



1-circuit, 2-circuit and LS hydraulics available. Our subcontractors are Hawe, Parker, Leduc and Rexroth as pump options. Steel valve cover.

Sockets rear tightener

riiko puutavara päällirakenne nosturitelineen hydraulinen kiilakiristin

The rear hydraulic tightener of the detachable crane bracket sockets eliminates the clearance by wedging the socket structure rigidly, thus reducing oscillation during loading.

Sockets front tightener


The front tightener of the detachable crane bracket sockets eliminates the clearance and together with the rer tightener produces steady douple tightening for the internal crane bracket.

Transfer cylinder locking device

riiko puutavarapäällirakenne nosturitelineen siirtosylinterin lukitsin

Detachable crane brackets transfer cylinder locking device is available both mechanical and pneumatic. The locking device keeps the crane bracket securely locked during crane operation and transport.

Sockets of external crane bracket

riiko puutavara-auton päällirakenne ulkopuolisen nosturitelineen tupet

The sockets of traditional external detachable crane bracket are made to order according to the brand and model of the crane. The crane bracket can be removed during transport to maximize the payload.

External crane bracket


The traditional external detachable crane bracket is made to order according to the brand and model of the crane. The crane bracket can be removed during transport to maximize the payload.

Fixed crane bracket

riiko puutavara päällirakenne kiinteä nosturiteline

Thanks to its fixed construction, the crane bracket is very stable during loading and the best option when there is no need to remove the crane.

Fixed detachable crane bracket


Combination of fixed and detachable crane bracket. Crane can be moved to maximize the payload.

Walking decks


The walking deck at the front of the crane bracket is made of hardened aluminium, which is sturdy and durable in all conditions.



The headboards have four model options: aluminium framed headboard with grapple rack, a headboard with grapple rack and visor and a straight headboard. Alternatively, straight headboard with a steel wire net.

Headboard oil tanks


Headboard oil tank assembled between cabin and the headboard. The headboard oil tank saves space from the subframe for other equipment and is compatible with all headboard models.

Frame oil tanks


As an option for headboard oil tank our subcontractor´s Kovi oil tank assembled to the side of the subframe.

Oil coolers


The oil cooler prevents the crane's hydraulic oil from overheating during heavy-duty operation. As coolers, we use Hydac brand. The bracket is mounted on the subframe and for example step boards can be connected to the assembly.

Cooler-sanding gear bracket


Oil cooler bracket compatible for sanding gear . Changing the sanding gear and oil cooler along usage which leaves space from the subframe for other equipment.

Sanding Gear

riiko puutavarapäällirakenne rempsun hiekoitin

The heat resistance controlled from the cabin of aluminium-framed sanding gears prevents the sand and feed rollers from freezing. Can be mounted directly on the subframe or on a support bracket to the subframe. Brands Rempsu and IceFighter.

Pneumatic load tightener


Pneumatic load tightener, where the binding is automatically tightened during transport. The attachment on the inside of the subframe from which the hooked tensioner wire is brought to tank cover or bunk.

Load binding chain brackets

riiko puutavarapäällirakenne kuormansidontaketjuteline

Load binding chain brackets effectively prevent chain entanglement. In our model, an additional fastening at the bottom of the bracket.

Load quick release


The quick-release devices have several model options that can be attached to a timber bunk or subframe.

Timber Bunks

riiko päällirakenne puutavarapankot terminator forestking

In timber bunks, the brands of our subcontractors, such as Terminator and ForestKing steel bunks and Alucar aluminium bunks, are available as alternatives.

Timber bunk transfer


Hydraulic transfer system for first and fourth timber bunk.



Alternatives include a short skedbar for crane knee and a longer support bunk to protect the frame during unloading.

Load divider

riiko puutavara-auton päällirakenne 2.akselin liikkellelähdön avustin

Weight transfer between axles is also available in two functions, allowing the possibility to press / lighten either one or both axes simultaneously. Reduces tire and fuel consumption.

2nd axle move assist


Patented and design protected hydraulically operated move assist for steel spring trucks allows weight transfer to drive wheels.



Alternatively, a narrow model attached to the subframe and a wider model mounted on the tank cover.



Side protection plate is combined with the tank protection and our subcontractor's underrun protection boards as options.

Frame decks


Thanks to the frame decks, the platform remains protected from hits, dirt, water and snow. Removable frame decks are made of plastic, plywood or hardened aluminium.

Tank shields


The tank shields effectively protect the tanks from falling trees during loading and unloading, for example. A side underrun protection plate can be connected to the tank cover.



The grapple rests on rubber pads that prevent the grapple from slipping on the support frame. The hinges make the base easy to clean.

Hose boxes


Hoses keep protected and tidy inside the box. Attachment to headboard or together with the grapple support.

Muffler cover


Available easily changable muffle cover made of aluminium.



Fixed, removable and pneumatic mudguards as options. Pneumatic and quick-release mudguards make it easier to add and remove snow chains.

Frame gap sheets


Additional frame gap sheet is available for the mudguards, which protects the chassis from dirt.

Mud flaps


Mudflap brackets can be assembled with, for example, light brackets and boxes as well as step boards.

Lights and reflectors


Lots of different models, sizes and mounting options depending on the need and equipment. We install all work lights, headlights, indicator lights, LED lights and reflectors.


riiko puutavara-auton päällirakenne työkalulaatikko

Different sizes and mounting options according to the need for use. Toolboxes can be installed in combination with, for example, hinged ladders.



TAV and VBG models from our subcontractors are available as options for coupling equipment. Safe, reliable and user-friendly coupling heads and drawbeams fit all frame models.



The ladders and step boards can be mounted on the subframe separately or in combination with, for example, a toolbox. Different sizes with fixed and hinged models as options.

Tyre pressure controls


We import, assembly and maintain TIREBOSS™ CTI tyre pressure control systems.



We produce lots fo unique solutions from special crane brackets to small accessories according to our customers wishes. Ask more about different possibilities.

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