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We resell top-class Kesla timber cranes and grapples. Kesla's timber crane range extends from 9 to 14 tonnemeters. Several carefully considered details ensure the efficiency and durability of Kesla cranes. For example, the unique V-base of the boom increases the rigidity of the structure and ensures accurate and backlash-free operation of the extension boom. Spacious hydraulic lines allow the crane to move quickly, saving energy.


Kesla's Z-crane range starts with a light 5-tonnemeter model and extends up to 19 tonnes. In recent years, Kesla has invested heavily in the product development of Z-cranes, which has resulted in the state-of-the-art 21 series. New features include e.g. fully internal hydraulic piping and hose, now also in the lifting boom. Thanks to the KesLINK pendant, the hoses that go to the grab are also protected inside the pendant. The wide-angle joint of the lifting cylinder allows a constant lifting torque throughout the entire trajectory.

Traditional straight boom or z-boom

KESLA cranes use high-quality strength steel (Strenx ™). In addition to straight boom options, the crane range also includes Z-boom cranes, which have the advantage of a space-saving transport position. The most popular straight boom models are the 2110T, 2112T and 2115T and 2117T, and the z-cranes are 2112ZT and 2114ZT. The cranes can be equipped with a top seat equipment or a cabin. The top seat equipment is available in three versions; standard, E, and page management versions. The E version has the smallest radius when turning and the Side version offers the best view of the work done by the crane. The KESLA Vision cabin is available in standard or XL sizes.

Control systems

KESLA cranes can be controlled by mechanical or electrical controllers. Mechanical control systems are available with both two and four levers. The most popular of the electronic control systems is the KESLA proC, which is also available for top seat equipment. Kesla proC is based on the IQAN system and enables adjustments for several drivers and different types of work.

Available for the KESLA Vision

  • Cooling or air conditioning
  • Diesel or water heating, as an option air filter F9
  • Basic seat or seat with mechanical or air suspension, also with armrest
  • Option for 7 work lights
  • Beacon or LED level flasher
  • Windup protective tarpaulin
  • Possible opening side window

Available for the KESLA XL Vision

  • Cab on the left or right, hinges on the front or back of the door
  • Integrated or non-integrated air conditioning
  • Diesel or water heating
  • Seat with a mechanical suspension, heated air suspension or adjustable base also with arm rests
  • Air filter F9 or Sy-Klone
  • Option for 7 work lights
  • Beacon or LED level flasher
  • Radio
  • Sunshield and windup protective tarpaulin

Crane Assembly

We have been the official assembly and maintenance point for Kesla timber cranes since 1993. We have a solid experience with crane assembly. Crane assembly includes, among other things, crane bracket modifications, hydraulic adjustment and the assembly of grapples, scales and work lights according to your wishes. The cranes are also easily serviced, repaired and periodically inspected from the same place. A wide range of spare parts and accessories for cranes and lifting equipment is also available.

RIIKO® superstructures and KESLA cranes

Kesla cranes make perfect match with RIIKO® Timber Truck Superstructures and maximize your load capacity to high level. We design all the crane brackets for timber and energy structures compatible for Kesla cranes. As option, RIIKO® internal, external, fixed and fixed detachable crane brackets. In video Kesla 2112 T timber crane with proG46 grapple assembled to RIIKO® internal crane bracket.


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