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Our work emphasizes solid professional competence and a strong interest in the field and its development. Konekorjaamo Riikonen Oy has been a reliable and responsible employer – already since 1981.



Are you looking for a job or internship with heavy machinery? Our main field of business is repair services for heavy machinery and the manufacture of RIIKO® truck superstructures. We currently employ around 30 people at our company in Joensuu and have been a responsible employer for over 40 years. Our main tasks consist of heavy machinery repair, maintenance and installation work, welding work and heavy equipment assembly work. In addition, we also employ people in, among other things, inspection of heavy machinery, product design and warehouse logistics. You can always ask us about internship and summer job opportunities in different jobs.

As a heavy machinery mechanic, your job description may include periodic maintenance, component installations and replacements, engine and transmission repairs, brake work, axle work, hydraulics work and tire work. As an assembly mechanic, your job description may include assembly of components and structures based on drawings and parts lists, installation work on machines and equipment, and maintenance and repair work on cranes. As a welder, your job description mainly includes welding of steel components and structures of heavy machinery. 

The work is a one-shift job, and working hours are generally Mon-Fri from 07:00 to 15:30. Payment according to the contract, based on your skills and experience. We offer high-quality occupational health services and Epassi staff benefits for our permanent staff, which can be used for sports, cultural and wellness benefits chosen by the employee. In addition to work, we offer comprehensive continuing education according to the employee's wishes. According to the agreement, the work can start as soon as a suitable person is found. Above all, we expect from the employee a self-initiative and brisk approach to work and a flexible attitude! If working with heavy mavhinery is your field, please feel free to call and ask for more information about the tasks, Tommi Riikonen 0447904984, (repair work) or branch manager Jari Riikonen 0400371204, (assembly work).

Our company employs

  • heavy machinery mechanics
  • assembly mechanics
  • welders
  • wheel mechanics
  • heavy machinery electricians
  • heavy machinery technicians
  • painters
  • production engineers

Job description in workshop

As a multi-brand repair shop, we service heavy-duty vehicles of all brands, models and ages, such as trucks, trailers, wheel loaders, excavators, cranes, lifting mechanisms, plows, graders and buses. At the workshop, the job description may therefore include, for example, engine and transmission repairs, axle work, hydraulic work, lifting mechanism maintenance, tire work, regular maintenance, electrical work, brake work and air conditioning maintenance.

Job description in assembly

In the assembly, the job description focuses on the superstructures of trucks and trailers. The work tasks are versatile heavy equipment assembly and machine installation work. We implement RIIKO® modular superstructures for timber, gravel and energy trucks brand free. The job description therefore includes, for example, inspections of parts and components, assembly of structures on the basis of drawings and part lists, and installation work on machines and equipment.


Continuing education

In addition to the work, we also offer continuing education. The trainings are, for example, product-specific maintenance and installation updates or device-specific continuing education organized at our workplace. In addition employees have the opportunity to participate in the industry's other trainings organized outside the workplace.

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