Delivered SCANIA R660 with RIIKO® Timber Superstructures. In equipment headboard with grapple rack, internal crane bracket sockets with hydraulic tightening, walking deck to crane, frame decks, tank shields, side protection plates, frame oil tank, timber bunks, pneumatic load tighteners with chain, load quick release device, hinged grapple support frame attached to timber bunk, load binding chain brackets, sanding gear, snow chain brackets, liftable mudguards with quick release, mud flaps, crane hydraulics, valve cover, oil cooler with bracket, ladders and steps, lights and light boxes, coupling equipment. We thank for the trust and choosing a Key Flag product!

The Association for Finnish Work has awarded the Key flag symbol to RIIKO® Timber Superstructures in recognition of a product made in Finland. RIIKO® Timber Superstructures have been manufactured and assembled in the city of Joensuu, Finland, for 30 years. We thank our customers for the trust towards our products. Thank you for supporting responsible Finnish manufacturing!

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